Information for researchers

The Born and Bred in (BaBi) Network Meta-Cohort, is a multi-site cohort study that currently includes Leeds, Doncaster, Wakefield, and East London. BiB4All are the co-ordinating centre, providing strategic research support to each BaBi site and developing the process to combine these local cohorts as a meta-cohort over time. Our aim is to expand this model across further sites over time. 

There are a set of primary aims that the BaBi network is working towards, these include:

Accessing Further Information

The Coordinating Centre has created a form that will help you get the information you require for any of the following:

If you are already a BaBi site and would like to inform us of a local BaBi research study or project, please fill out this form.

Please access this form using the following link:

The Review Process

Data requests received will undergo a specific process based on the type of request received:

The review dates for BaBi requests are as follows: